OLD PORT RESTAURANTSOld port restaurants with the Best Pub Food Tradition? Pub St-Paul!

Looking for a meal that is not only succulent but affordable? Come on down to Pub St-Paul! One of few authentic old port restaurants and find out why we’re so proud of our heritage! We a have a varied menu: steak, chicken brochette, pizza, ribs, fajitas, etc. There’s something here for every taste! With our selection of beers, wines and even whiskeys, you will be sure to find the perfect accompaniment to your meal.

Simple, affordable and tasty meals

We think it’s possible to offer fine food while keeping a touch of simplicity on the menu. In our kitchen we prepare meals from fresh food using traditional flavours and keeping their essence. So you can have a taste of it all: whether it’s our home fries with variety of sauces or one of our flaming Jack Daniels desserts!

Our moderate-price meals offer an authentic taste of Old Montreal.

One of the few old port restaurants that offers so much more than food!

Ever since it opened, Pub St-Paul has welcomed a great variety of customers, day and night. Need to top up your energy? Come and enjoy your lunch break with our generous meals and impeccable service. Old port restaurants tend to close early but the Pub stays open to serve Montrealers and tourists through dinner-time and beyond!

Feel like an evening meal? Come and enjoy your meal with a good helping of music, with our popular dinner shows. As a regular venue for new talent on the Québec scene, we have a program that will liven up your time with friends or family!

In short, whether you are stopping in for a bite to eat and a moment to relax during the lunch hour, or coming to enjoy a night out, our team is ready to ensure you have a good time! Come to Pub St-Paul! If you’re thinking old port restaurants think no more!